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I’ll tell you what I learned throughout my years of doing DIYs and learning more than the things expected of you when you’re retired.

When you want it, you want it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the talent to make a video for it. But then, the folks at SewingPartsOnline.com understand what I mean when I say you need the perfect needle to make your fabric artworks successful!

Selecting the right needle is essential to make sure your stitches penetrate the host cloth properly and the thread lines up properly once you begin. Different types of fabrics, stitching and sewing styles and other materials affect the needle you’ll need. Not one needle is the answer to ensuring that your sewing project will be as successful as you imagine it to be.

I learned a lot from this infographic and I believe that you will, too!

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I have to admit, after working for more than 30 years, many would say the amount of time I’ve spent working isn’t enough. Some might even say that I still need more experience to say that I’ve worked myself enough to become better at my job.

But I discovered that work experience is relevant. If you’re not loving your job, you don’t earn any life-changing values from it. However, if you really love your job, it’s particularly easy to take the values you’ve learned from your successes to your future projects, even to your daily life.

So, after doing some immense cross-stitching, semi-carpentry, painting and even some gardening, I’ve learned from DIY the following values.


Perseverance is something schools can’t teach you. It’s a personal value and achievement thing. To persevere, you give yourself the opportunity to push beyond your limits and realise your capabilities as a person.

It waas this one project that had me realise I was more than enough to be myself. I was making a small picture frame that’s designed with some sprinkles. It required lots of gluing, both wood and plastic. Eventually, things stuck everywhere in the house. It was my most difficult task yet, but I knew that I had to do it because if I didn’t, I’d be so ashamed of myself.

So I did, and I feel excellent!

  1. Technique

I loved cross-stitching ever since Laura re-ignited my passion to sew some needles and cloth together to create images. It wasan’t much of a project, but it required some perseverance. There was no way to do things than to develop formulas, esitmates from observed metrics and overall experience to resolve things quicker, faster and better.

If you apply this in real life, you could do anything. Hell, you could even run your own business effectively!

  1. A Craving For Successes

When we finished early education, we had a sense of success earning our medals and successfully finishing our duties to our parents. Upon graduation from college, we understand we have achieved everything we need and it was up to us to carve a niche in the real world.

My recent success was making my kids succeed college and finally selling off my London home to a rich property investor.

So what happens next?

I had to have some challenges, and these came in the form of the DIY projects I’ve created. Sure, they’re just shoe racks, cloths knitted with string pictures, but those are my successes.

In short, I made them happen!

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As you already know, I’m Hannah White.

I live in Lincolnshire, but for the rest of my childhood, I lived in the younger time of London.

I must say, London was quite different back then. Everything was so simple. Not to say that things are going wrong but with the lots of investors I’ve had to see, the prices keep going up.

Once I had my kids up and out from college, I sold the property for a hefty sum. Immediately, after a short vacation, I fell in love with Lincolnshire.

It was here when I found my retired friends. We weren’t that rich or anything about retirement, but we had enough to enjoy the things that matter most (as long as our retirement funds can handle it, sure thing).

Well, what I said in the parenthesis was what me and my friends needed to stop for a bit. We were eating outside every week. I can’t handle the bill of  ₤50 for every dinner we have, or movies.

Then one day, Laura came to my house and brought a cute picture frame cross stitch. I said I could do better. I remembered my home economics classes where we had to create a very good impression of a Jesus Christ portrait.

On a cross-stitch body, that is.

Soon, everyone in the gang (you wouldn’t call 50-something women’s roups a gang, but we liked the sound of it) just joined in. They became competitive. They wanted to outdo each other.

We all had fun competing with each other to see who has the best work!

Soon, it wasn’t just about cross-stitching anymore. Soon we expanded to cakes, craftsmaking, a bit of hardcore DIY for creating some small furniture, among others.

Again, if you’d like to contribute to our blog, please, feel free to contact me. I’d gladly communicate with you. Maybe you could meet the gang sometime in Lincolnshire, whenever you’re around!

We really hope you find something useful in this blog!

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