All About Stitches

Here at, those who may be new to stitching, are interested in stitching and would want to do some awesome products from cross-stitching, crocheting and doing anything involving a needle and a yarn, are our target readers.

We want these readers and participants to improve their skills and gain confidence in creating artworks of hem and sew.

It may look easy when they portray it in public media, but creating artworks from stitches is a big deal. In fact, ittakes a bit of skill in engineering and construction to create the finest yarn and thread products from your own two hands.


The Importance of Cross-Stitching and Sewing in the 21st Century

We understand. Most people believe cross-stitching and sewing in the 21st century is a dying art. In the 50s, Singer sewing machines (sought-after by collectors today for their rarity) had become widely popular. Sewing was crucial during the 60s as people created clothes for themselves, especially those who didn’t fit most mass-produced sizes from malls.

In the 21st century, sewing is more of an art. While mass-production of clothing had made it easier to supply clothing to many regions in the world, it is still customised clothing that makes the difference. You may want to create special “ugly and tacky” Christmas sweaters that are pretty cute despite their descriptions. You may want to create mittens specifically in the size of your newly-born child. Or maybe you’re trying to explore the new horizons your creativity is presenting you with.

Whichever it may be, the role of sewing and cross-stitching nowadays is more on art and customisation rather than being an essential skill in clothing production.


Or Is It?

If you’re watching survivalist series, sewing is shown as an essential skill. They create clothes out of natural leaves and grass instead of our typical sewing materials including threads and yarns. This takes great knowledge in different sewing techniques.

If you’d like to talk to us about your ideas, we’re very open to your suggestions!

Meanwhile, here are some of the best projects we can showcase with you!